" A FAN-TEDX-STIC Day for Holographic Fun at TEDxPetalingStreet’s ‘Momentum’ 2016.

We were so thrilled to have PIXEL VISUAL onboard as our Event partner at our recent TEDx event on November 29 2016.
PIXEL Visual showcased some phenomenal holographic technology at our pop up area, featuring two swanking devices, Megan and a special advertising device for one of our F&B Partner, AIM Coffee.

Megan was fun to interact with, combining smartphones with a game called Flap Dash, our attendees were kept busy trying to control a ball with their bird avatar and avoid other birds from snatching the ball.

Showcasing this innovation created by a local company on our TEDx event is significant, We want our attendees to be inspired by local heroes, empower them to do great things in their life. A great idea worth spreading and sharing. Malaysia truly Boleh! "

Mervin Lee, TedxPetalingStreet

It’s all about the X! Grateful for TedX petaling street to allow us to get the Dynamic Duo back in action. While Memphis was ‘wow-ing’ people getting their free coffee from AIM Coffee, Megan gets busy to entertain crowds by engaging them in a battle of the Flap! (Flapdash). Our social media pages says it all please feel free to see how engaged & entertained they were.

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