"Pixel's Hologram technology has enabled us to showcase our products in ways that has transformed the entire purchasing experience."

Jia Jun, Marketing Director of Pak Chun Development Sdn. Bhd.

Due to recent market conditions, Property Developers are trying new ways to attract buyers in purchasing their products in and out of their property showrooms. Aside from the design & functionality of their products, how they are marketed and displayed to the public plays an important role too.

Pixel innovates the 3D marketing scene for developers not only through display but also heavy use of interaction for product and brand enhancements. These can be done by:

Replacing traditional scaled models (found in property showrooms) into holographic scaled projections, Interacting with content through holograms, Clearer display of activities available through animated product, Display of property prices surrounding the development through animation, Minimize use of property promoters/agents as holographic device is comprehensive, Content is limitless and anything is possible.

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